Saturday, July 2, 2011

In which pants come off

A continuation of the Chris/Tung story.

Chris: "My Mexican blood... yearns for the taste of beans and greasy ground beef..."


Chris: "Tung you evil genius!!"

Tung: So... what're you gonna do about it.

Chris: "This."

Chris: "By the power of Mexico!.."

Chris: "I... HAVE... THE POWWEEERRRR!!!"

-thunder sounds-

-thunder sounds-

-thunder sounds-

Tung: "Hm?"

Chris: "EERGHH... ERRGGHH..."

Tung: "Uh... Chris you look the same."

Chris: "On the contrary, Tung."


Tung: "Your... your legs!"


Chris: "Yeap."

Tung: "Hold on, so... what about the rest of your body?"

Chris: "Well I'm only *half* Mexican."

The end.


  1. Interesting. I think you violated the 180 rule, though

  2. Oh right, at the end? Something about rotating the camera 180? Is it okay because it zooms in on Chris's buff legs, then spins around? Like if the camera were between Tung and Chris, it would be looking left at Tung's face, then it would be between Tung and Chris looking at Chris buff legs straight on, then it would have tracked left and is now looking right...


  3. I mean when Chris does the He-Man thing, Tung and Chris suddenly switch sides (Tung is now on the left and Chris is on the right, screenwise). Then later they switch sides on the screen again.

    It might be okay b/c you put in a neutral thing where Chris is right in the middle before changing the sides, but the switching still seems unnecessary to me.